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Chauffeur-driven Hummer H2 Limo

Hummer H2 Limo Hire

Are you ready to take over the journey with your group? Well, you can get started alone as well and feel like a king right away by hiring a lovely limousine, one of its kind which is known as a “Hummer H2 Limo.” This car speaks for its own as we roll over the vehicle for a grand entry on the roads of the journey towards the event. The majority of us love cars and it depicts our choice and standard too. Which car should I hire? This question keeps ticking in our minds. Well, when it comes to car hire, you need to make the right choice and best pick.

If you are planning for a large event and a guest heading toward the venue, stop worrying about your transportation. This is an ideal choice for prom, group events and weddings. We understand your requirements and choice at Ultimate Transfers and we can help you set the grandeur style for the event. So, let us recreate the magic with a wonderful Hummer H2 Limo. Be the king and queen of the journey of life and experience a wonderful and fantastic time with Hummer H2 Limo and chauffeur-driven services from Ultimate Transfers.


Book your Hummer H2 Limo with Ultimate Transfers

Top A+ graded qualified and professional chauffeur

Free parking time for 60 mins
Free waiting time at the airport for 30 – 60 mins
Bespoke and customized solutions depending on requirements
First class travel in a luxurious way
Free WiFi

Specifications of Hummer H2 Limo

  • Unique design which makes it a superior Limo to opt for
  • Stretched Hummer with 4-wheel drive
  • Dimensions – Wheelbase- 122.8 in (3,119 mm)
  • Dimensions – Length-203.5 in (5,169 mm) 189.8 in (4,821 mm)
  • Dimensions – Breadth-81.3 in (2,065 mm)
  • Can accommodate your family
  • Passenger lift of over 16 – 20 people
  • Fully tinted windows for privacy
  • Breathtaking interior
  • Eye capturing the glorious look
  • Sprawling comfortable seats which can hold up to 10 people each
  • Installed LED fiber optic lighting
  • Artistic ceiling and floor
  • Champagne galore
  • DVD player, LED flat-screen TV and sound systems
  • 4000 watts premium BOSE sound
  • Speaker and woofers line the seat to give premium top quality

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