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Chauffeur-driven Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class Hire

Mercedes S class is a car with expressive design and has a class of its own. It sets the standards in first-class chauffeur-driven services with a classy and rich luxurious prestigious outlook. The Mercedes S class will exceed all your expectations with the latest incarnation and not to forget the professional chauffeur services which add value to it. You can just relax and enjoy the magical ride which can take you to another level, increase the surge of hormones and make you feel delightful. A truly luxurious car with stylish factors for a comfortable chauffeur journey.


Book your Mercedes S Class with Ultimate Transfers

Top A+ graded qualified and professional chauffeur

Free parking time for 60 mins
Free waiting time at the airport for 30 – 60 mins
Bespoke and customized solutions depending on requirements
First class travel in a luxurious way
Free WiFi

Specifications of Mercedes S Class

  • Mercedes S Benz Limousines are long-wheelbase versions
  • S 500L petrol V8, the S 350 BlueTEC (a V6 diesel), and alternatively the S 400 Hybrid which combines an electric drive with the powerful 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine.
  • Quiet and spacious with good legroom for comfort
  • Equipped with the latest technology & automated advancements-for business & professional purposes.
  • Luxurious & Trending leather interiors
  • Total comfort with beautiful interiors
  • Great ambience and lightning
  • Panoramic sunroofs
  • DVD and TV systems
  • High-end 4D resonators for music
  • Next generation MBUX
  • Mercedes Me Connect With Car-To-X communication

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