Topographical Training for PCO Licence

Topographical Test

We pride ourselves in providing fantastic theory based learning and achieving a pass, we provide candidates computer-based training, training has been designed following the TFL syllabus and the exam questions, no guarantee is placed on passing but guarantees are placed in understanding the questions.

Topographical Assessment Structure

The assessment will test all aspects of map reading skills:
• Using indexes to identify points/locations – A-Z map skills
• Using a map to identify directions and points/locations
• To plan a route between two locations – computer based theory with videos
• To demonstrate knowledge of compass points within directional based questions

31 Questions in total in the test consisting of:

  • 21 MCQ on General Topography(21×1=21)
  • 3 Short Routes (3×10=30) (LOTS OF SAMPLE VIDEOS to entice them)
  • 3 Medium Routes (3×15=45) (LOTS OF SAMPLE VIDEOS to entice them)
  • 4 Compass Directions and junctions (4×1=4)

All training is based in our Essex Offices with free parking spaces, unlimited use of videos when logged in to our systems.

  • Prices group sessions £50pp.
  • one-2-one sessions £250 for 3 days of unlimited training.
  • Mon-Thu (11am-2pm early) or late 10pm-1am.